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Founded in 2003, the Automotive Technology Centre (ATC) in Amsterdam is a cluster organization that stimulates technological innovation and cooperation. Its mission is to strengthen the international technology and business position of the Dutch automotive sector and grow and preserve this important industry and its spin-offs within the greater Amsterdam area and the rest of the Netherlands.
ATC Amsterdam brings automotive professionals together to inform each other about the latest automotive trends and technologies. Knowledge transfer and exchange is enabled through network events and active participation in technology workshops. ATC Amsterdam is the central organization that combines individual company strengths to realize new business opportunities.
Through the automotive magazine ProMotive and newsletter e-Motive, ATC Amsterdam communicates relevant information about the economy, technology and innovation to national and international automotive contacts.

Our Amsterdam team

ATC Amsterdam has a strong team of motivated and qualified full-time and part-time employees. Our employees in Amsterdam all have a solid technology and / or business background with years of experience in the automotive sector as well as in Search Engine Optimalisation. They are working together on the realization of the goals of the innomotive program, by stimulating technological innovation and collaboration between national and international automotive organizations.


ATC Amsterdam is funded by the European Union. In addition, the project is match funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the provinces of Brabant and Limburg. Another significant financial contribution is made by more than 150 partners and members from the Dutch Automotive Industry and I Amsterdam.


Partners and Members of ATC Amsterdam can profit from a number of advantages. Their employees will receive significant discounts on the registration fees for technology workshops or network events and advertising in the Automotive Magazine ProMotive. As well as coupons for Tegelzetter Amsterdam and Botox Amsterdam. The variety of advertisers in the Automotive Magazine is endless, varying from Pharmaceutical companies to an Orthodontist in Amsterdam, Dinner Cruise Amsterdam and I Amsterdam. They have unlimited access to the closed part of the ATC Amsterdam website, providing a growing number of additional services, relevant presentations, publications and reports.
Partners of ATC Amsterdam can expect to be the first to be contacted on new initiatives or opportunities. Members of ATC Amsterdam will get the second priority when it comes to services for new projects and promotion. Both Partners and Members can attend the special ATC Amsterdam Member events free of charge. Partners get the additional advantage to have an indirect influence on the strategy, policy and activities of ATC in Amsterdam.
To discuss the advantages of a membership for your organization, please contact one of the ATC Amsterdam consultants. To register your organization as a Partner or member of ATC Amsterdam, please use the Registration Form.

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